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¬†Modo has developed and deployed a platform that enables interoperability between any given number of payments systems. Global financial institutions, processors, fintechs and merchants need to power new applications and experiences that leverage their existing assets in combination with new systems – each of which has different messaging syntax, semantics, structures and notions of state. Modo’s cloud-based utility solves for the issues specific to integrating these disparate systems – creating interoperability and removing the complexity inherent to navigating global payments infrastructure. ¬†ModoPayments leverages AWS services to enable reproducible, scalable architecture and the capacity to create an event-driven platform.

Reference Architecture

The below diagram represents a sample deployment of the Modo digital payments platform. Within this diagram you can see how we leverage AWS capabilities like AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and best practices in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) design as foundational components of our platform.

Modo Cloud Architecture Diagram
Modo Cloud Architecture Diagram

Working with Modo

Modo provides multiple deployment models to meet the specific operational, information risk, or compliance needs of an individual client. From multi-tenant solutions with fixed monthly recurring pricing, to dedicated environments with usage-based cost structures, we have options for payments customers of all sizes and needs. In environments were usage-based costs are involved, all levels of the Modo platform incorporate dynamic auto-scaling to minimize costs during non-peak times while maintaining the levels of redundancy desired by the customer.

An experienced AWS partner

With extensive industry experience in the payments and financial services spaces, we bring a wealth of knowledge on how to build AWS-based solutions which meet or exceed the compliance and information risk of the most demanding clients. Our experience building Cloud and Application architectures spans all the way from the needs of small eCommerce companies all the way up to global Top 5 banks. Our work both leverages key AWS services and also goes beyond them where required to meet the controls objectives for each workload, such as data loss prevention, advanced cryptographic requirements, and data exfiltration protections.

Why Amazon Web Services?

AWS provides the most advanced Cloud platform available today, from the excellent Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) service to Amazon Key Management Service (KMS) product, along with its global presence made AWS the perfect partner to build our platform upon.

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Read about how Modo leverages AWS in it’s /Checkout product.

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