Simplify your payments stack.

Modo is the bank-grade fintech-as-a-service platform for global ecommerce merchants. With one connection to Modo’s /Checkout API, you are given the flexibility to work with multiple payment providers, networks, and payment methods and have the visibility to understand your total cost of payments on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

Focus on your bottom line, and let Modo manage your payments connections.

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Frictionless payments around the world

Go Global

Are you looking to expand your footprint around the globe, but don’t know where to begin? Add local payment methods and multiple payment service providers with one connection to Modo. Start building your payment stack right and skip the mess. Automate your payments operations from day one.

Been Global

Are you feeling like you’ve “been there, done that” with all the different payment services and payment methods available around the globe? If you’re juggling multiple providers and managing the various processes and data elements they require and believe there has to be a better way to optimize and manage those connections, you’re in the right place. More sales, from more places around the world, with a simpler stack are available with automated payment operations.

One view to all your payments

Unified Settlement & Reconciliation

Real-Time Reporting

Toggle Payment

One dashboard for settlement and reconciliation across all payment providers and currency types

Monitor performance in real time using the performance and notification hub

Access to payment providers and platforms around the globe with one click

Unparalleled payments visibility

Why is it so hard to figure out your true cost of payments? With Modo, our client dashboard offers real time visibility for you to know the total cost of each transaction. And gives you the insights to make payments decisions with confidence.

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True payments flexibility

Modo gives you the flexibility to use multiple payment service providers to optimize for the best rates and reach more customers. With Modo’s transactional assurance, never lose a customer again to false declines.

Bank-Grade Technology

We’ve been through the security ringer (and back again) with our bank clients, and have come out with flying colors. Modo’s stack is Level 1 PCI compliant, uses HSMs as the foundation of our encryption, and allows you to maintain control of both your money and your data. Modo does not hold, touch, or move money – we are purely a payments technology company that puts you in full control of your payments and data. Modo has brought one of the largest US-based banks and one of the largest European banks to the public cloud allowing them to launch innovative applications leveraging their existing infrastructure, and positioning them for even greater success in the future.

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