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Modo simplifies payments for the world’s most complex organizations

Modo’s cloud-native SaaS platform sits at  the heart of our clients’ payments ecosystems, creating connectivity and control, and improving commercial outcomes.

While a gateway just connects their customer to the external payments providers, Modo gives global enterprise sellers the capability to control and manage their commerce propositions, money and data flows, provider relationships, and their clients’ payments experiences.

All to drive increased revenue and take cost out of both transaction costs and internal operations.


  • With processors, payments types and PSPs
  • With client internal business systems
  • With the systems of a client’s customers


  • Over how a payment is routed and to which payment partners
  • Over proprietary payment propositions
  • Over proprietary data and analytics
  • Over personalized customer payment experiences

Commercial Outcomes

  • With increased sales from better checkout experiences
  • With reduced costs optimizing payment routing and type
  • With reduced costs of internal complexity, operations and reconciliation
Effortlessly connecting legacy payments technology stacks with emerging technologies on the enterprise’s timeline.
Controlling where and when a business sends its payments volumes to a specific endpoint to maximize acceptance and margins.
Modernizing and optimizing payment flows while reducing overhead to instantly create a cost benefit.

Single Connection

Allowing enterprises to connect to multiple gateways and payment providers through a single API


Payment Flexibility

Helping enterprises create better and more customised customer payment journey


Unified User Experiences

Helping enterprises sell across multiple channels, markets and business models in a consistent way


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