Modo is a market for payments services.

One connection to Modo’s API gives merchants access to payment services and optimizes relationships.



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We’re more than a connection.

Through Modo’s one-to-many interface, we can take any source of value (traditional or not), deliver it to any destination, and even bring it back again. We handle the complicated changes to APIs and data system requirements so you don’t have to, all without messing with your existing infrastructure.

We reduce friction in payments.

By creating interoperability in payments, we’ve done the unthinkable. We can turn value into something your system already knows how to handle. This means you don’t have to change your existing infrastructure to integrate with new systems or methods of payments.

Combine multiple payment tools (cards, ewallets, transactional lending) and funding sources (loyalty points, gift cards, vouchers) into one seamless, frictionless checkout experience.

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