Modo takes monetary value from just about any source, and can deliver it to just about any destination.

And the cool part is that the way the COIN™ works, none of the new digital stuff has to worry about how the old payments systems work.

The COIN™ is realtime, good funds, and always in balance.  And is incredibly fun at parties.

The COIN™ is being used today for

– Connecting givers and receivers of gifts
– Connecting loyalty account holders to their points
– Connecting online checkout solutions to online merchants
– Connecting shoppers to offers and loyalty in stores



Modo is serving a major issuer of reward/loyalty points by using its unique digital payments hub technology to enable consumers to redeem rewards across a wide array of redemption options.


Modo is partnering with a major US financial services company to connect its disbursement division with a global network of online and other digital payment networks such as Paypal, Alipay, Tenpay, etc.

Shopping Cart

A major global payments firm is utilizing Modo to provide a common interface into eCommerce check-out platforms across a broad range of merchants.

Integration for
Application Developers

Modo provides developers with a powerful but simple API that enables integration of payments, gifts, coupons and rewards into their applications.

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