The way to exchange payment data.

Modo securely and fairly conducts the exchange of payment event data on behalf of banks, payments networks and providers navigating the fintech frontier. Payment events are everything before, during, or after a transaction. Our cloud based services enable payment interoperability and accelerate innovation by allowing clients to store and share payment event data – simply.

Payments Event

Driven Services

Payments are complex, and payments data has unique challenges.

Ever changing compliance requirements

Modo takes care of managing the data you need to exchange with your partners. We provide the security. We build and manage the connections to your providers and counterparties. We maintain the integrations as they change. We provide the settlement and reconciliation services. We automate exceptions, disputes, and error handling, so you don’t have to. And we abide by your data management policies, to keep things fair.

The payment events we can help with include:

Modo created a cloud based computing service that can change the payments industry today in real ways. We’re leveraging existing infrastructure to accelerate innovation, not trying to reinvent the wheel. No smoke and mirrors here. Just some great payment data services we think is kick SaaS. The unique benefits of Modo’s technology include:


We’re giving clients the capabilities that are normally reserved for super complicated, super sophisticated players in payments, and Modo makes sure there is no way to mess it up. You can benefit from our technology one payment event at a time so you don’t have to invest into building all of this payment data stuff yourself. Focus on whatever payments experience your heart desires, and let us handle the rest.

We solved the payments interoperability problem that many claim to. No, seriously. We’ve discovered a way to connect payments by facilitating the exchange of payment event data between systems. Our service can let you connect any source of value, to any destination, with one single point of integration. Some call it amazing, some claim it not possible, but we call it the COIN®.



Our industry is undergoing a period of rapid and profound change, making it challenging to keep up. We’re not ready to place a bet on when it will stop, or even slow down. Modo insulates you from changes in APIs and other partner requirements over time. Also, you can change partners at any time. It’s entirely up to you.

Secrets are. And keeping them is a sacred trust to us. Modo uses asymmetric encryption in flight, symmetric encryption at rest, and requires all our requests to be signed. Oh, and that’s all locked up tighter than a drum with HSMs in our cloud environment.


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