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Modo provides a COIN® operated Digital Payments Hub that connects new digital experiences to payments systems worldwide.

Modo’s patented COIN® transaction takes monetary value from just about any source, and can deliver it to just about any destination, without requiring partners to modify their systems.

Truly a ‘shipping container for global payments’, the Modo COIN® simplifies the complex world of payments in the digital era.

The Modo Digital Payments Hub is being used today for

• Connecting loyalty account holders to their points across digital commerce channels
• Connecting businesses and banks to emerging networks and consumers globally
• Connecting online checkout solutions to online merchants
• Connecting givers and receivers of gifts
• Connecting shoppers to offers and rewards in stores

Mind The Map

Use this interactive map to explore some of the valuable ways that Modo connects different payment systems.



Modo is serving a major issuer of reward/loyalty points by using its unique digital payments hub technology to enable consumers to redeem rewards across a wide array of redemption options.



Modo is partnering with a major US financial services company to connect its disbursement division with a global network of online and other digital payment networks such as Paypal, Alipay, Tenpay, etc.


Shopping Cart

A major global payments firm is utilizing Modo to provide a common interface into eCommerce check-out platforms across a broad range of merchants.


Integration for
Application Developers

Modo provides developers with a powerful but simple API that enables integration of payments, gifts, coupons and rewards into their applications.

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