Week of the Geeks (#PaymentsGeeks that is)

What a week! Our stomachs are still recovering from the first ModoWeek of 2017.

For those of you who haven’t ever heard of ModoWeek, let us try and give you a little background. We have a distributed team here at Modo – very distributed. We have Modonauts in Boston, Columbus, San Francisco, Richmond, middle-of-nowhere Minnesota and Oregon, and, most recently, Germany in addition to our home office in Dallas. Hey, distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? We get together once a quarter to collaborate in-person, eat tons of amazing food, have an event with some competitive component, and reconnect as a team. This quarter it was no different.

Some of the food highlights of the week were eating lunch at TruckYard in Lower Greenville, getting dinner at Small BrewPub in Oak Cliff, and (surprisingly) the amazing food at our TopGolf event. Kelly Beller, our Project Manager, jokes that there is a “Modo 15” you get when you come to the company since we eat so much – ModoWeek certainly does nothing to disprove that theory.

Lunch at TruckYard

We had TWO events this ModoWeek (we’re too competitive for just one event). Our first event was at School of Rock. We were able to live out our high school fantasies of being in a rock band. Don’t worry, if anything we learned that we WON’T be quitting our day jobs to start a band. We did think of some pretty great band names though – Ash Wednesday, Core, and Bill Paxton’s Twister Tribute Band. It was a tough competition, but in the end Ash Wednesday pulled ahead for the win with their rendition of AC/DC’s TNT. There are videos, but for the sanity of the team we have decided not to post them on any public forums ever. The second event was a trip to TopGolf. John Keenan, semi-pro golfer and our Chief Customer Officer, got to show off his golfing chops by completely obliterating the competition. You don’t understand, it was embarrassing. Now we just need to figure out a way to get him to stop wearing his gold medal around the office.

Rocking out at School of Rock

Although hanging out together, eating outstanding food, and talking a little trash are huge parts of ModoWeek, the truly important time is spent on the Modo vision as a team. We were able to realign on our goals for 2017 and walk through the roadmap for the rest of the year as well as have discussions on the importance of the COIN® to the payments industry as a whole. We’re ready to continue enabling our customers to bring innovative solutions to payments. Bring it on, 2o17!

P.S. Here is a very small picture of what actually happened for the majority of ModoWeek. We promise we got down to business, but had our share of fun on the side.

#Paymentsgeeks doing their thing


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