Thanksgivings from the ModoNauts


Thanksgiving is a time to pause and reflect, and at Modo we reflect the very best with lots of food. And drink. And more food. Lucky for us, we had a lot to be thankful for this year so this meant a very unhealthy amount of eating. As we sat around enjoying each other’s company with a lunch in the office, we could see just how #blessed we are. There were nine new faces around the table this year. We have grown to a company of 30 full and part time employees! And some ModoNauts even made little baby ModoNauts for us – 4 to be exact – and don’t worry, the brainwashing has already begun. We were invited to speak and attend some ROCKSTAR events like SXSW and Money20/20 Europe. And the industry played along with us when we went into “reverse stealth” and then came back out into the light. All in all, a great year.



Just like our moms used to make us do when we were young, we decided to write out a list of things we’re thankful for this year.

We, the Modonauts, are thankful for:

  • Our *loyal* partnership with FIS & Verifone teaming up to allow consumers to pay with loyalty points at the in-store point of sale. (See what we did there?)
  • Dee Hock, Founder Emeritus of Visa and Ultimate #PaymentsGeek, joining as an advisor and allowing Bruce to live out his inner fanboy each and every day.
  • Matthew Leavenworth trading his banker suit for a Modo tshirt and jeans and continually pushing us to hit a piñata (sometimes literally as well as figuratively).
  • Teaming up with Alliance Data to bring order back to the retail galaxy.
  • Companies willing to stand up on stage with us at Money20/20 Europe and Vegas, and play along with our conference hacks. 
  • Coworkers who become friends and friends who become coworkers. 
  • Interoperability between systems so we can all create payments magic throughout the industry.  


We’re excited to continue working towards our mission to make payments suck just a little bit less as we finish out 2017. What are some things you’re thankful for this holiday season? If it’s not your seamless, integrated payments experiences maybe it’s time you reach out to chat. Then you can add that to your list of thanksgivings next year.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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