Happy 6th Birthday, Modo!

In honor of Modo’s 6th birthday, we asked a few of the OMs (Original ModoNauts) to write a short reflection on their years with Modo. We wanted to share with you their thoughts on where Modo started and where we have gone. Enjoy! Aaron Wilkinson - Chief Architect & System Overlord Wow.  You are 6 years old Modo! I [...]

Declaration of Rights and Payments Grievances

Hello. Rachelle here, certified payments geek. I have the shirt to prove it. Just because I am a payments geek doesn’t mean I don’t have payments problems. Just because I am busy working away with this fantastic team making beautiful payment experiences does not mean that the world wants to accept these beautiful payment experiences. I […]

Modo Week May 2016

The ModoNauts reunited in Dallas for the second Modo Week of 2016. In the Modo spirit of friendly competition, there always has to be some sort of event during the week that ends with a winner who receives bragging rights over the rest of the team. This particular Modo Week, we went to Drivexotic in Cresson, Texas […]