Pushing the Bounds of Startup-dom at Mastercard Start Path Global

How long can a company be considered a startup? We are so proud to be part of the prestigious Mastercard Start Path Global program. But our participation in the program begs an interesting question for the industry: how long is too long to be considered a startup?

We were founded on July 15, 2010 which puts us just a few days shy of our 7th birthday. You might hear us argue that since we pivoted in 2015 to focus on our newfound strength – connecting new digital experiences to payment systems worldwide without requiring partners to modify their existing systems – it bought them us a few more years in startup-dom. For some, seven years may be out of startup territory, but isn’t age really just a number?

If you come to the Modo offices, you can hear Bruce saying things like “Hey, 7 is the new 3. That’s what they all say!” and “A startup is a state of mind.” This is all while sitting on our bean bag chairs and playing with our newest toy – a Google Jamboard. And if we count company years like we do dog-years, we are handily middle-aged. But we wear jeans and t-shirts with our logo on them to work, though, so we feel that we qualify as a startup.

In any case, we are glad Mastercard looked past the metaphorical wrinkles and let us into the program to offer support on our quest to develop next-gen commerce solutions. We just got back from Immersion Week in London where we met the Mastercard team and got to pitch in front of Mastercard leaders and their partners. The week with Mastercard ROCKED which may or may not have to do with the endless supply of Twix bars and coffee. We got to network with other startups in the industry and get feedback from #paymentsgeeks on the most valuable pieces of our COIN technology. 

We had a great start to the program, but we still have six months to go! (Can you handle that, Mastercard?) We are excited for the rest of our time in the program – not only because it buys us another 6 months of feeling young again. 

Check out the final pitch we gave at Mastercard Start Path program Immersion week. You might learn something new and out of the ordinary (even for us).


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