We love to fight (hunger, that is)

Merry Christmas from the ModoNauts!



At Modo, we are #paymentsgeeks because we know that we can do the most good, for the most people, by reducing friction in payments. Let us explain: The global economy is the big picture, so we’re talking Trillions. With Trillions at stake, there’s leverage in even a fractional increase in efficiencies. Those increases can legitimately change the world.


But while en route to put our dent in the universe, we decided to dedicate a morning to making a difference in our little part of the world – the North Texas community – at the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) to lend a hand at Christmas time. Right now, more than 853,000 people in North Texas Food Bank’s 13-county service area are food insecure. That’s 1 in 6 people who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. Giving our morning was an amazing way to live to serve others – something we strive to do every day at Modo.


And let us tell you, NTFB put us to work! Along with other companies who volunteered with us that day, we created 18,411 meals for local Dallas families who would have otherwise gone hungry during the holidays. Our fingers were almost frozen solid while prepping turkeys to be delivered to families in need. We unwrapped, stickered, and then rewrapped over 5,000 turkeys! And to you that might not sound like a lot, but trust us, it’s a lot. But we were still smiling the whole way through. We also got to see what happens on the other end of a canned food drive while organizing the boxes and boxes (and boxes) of cans and dried foods that were donated to the North Texas Food Bank. 


NTFB has a goal of donating 92 million meals annually by 2025, and they’re already ⅔ of the way there. Not only is the North Texas Food Bank striving to provide meals for local families that would otherwise go without, but they are committed to giving healthier meals that sustain not only survival but life, like providing fresh produce and meats. Currently, NTFB only has the ability to have 6 full-time employees. The rest of their efforts are completely volunteer-based. The North Texas Food Bank is doing incredible things for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of their struggle to feed families in need.


We weren’t the only ones with the Christmas spirit at the North Texas Food Bank yesterday. We worked side by side several other charitable companies, including BBVA Compass. We were also excited to see our partners, Bank of America and Alliance Data, have contributed immensely to the cause North Texas Food Bank is battling to achieve (like name-on-the-wall status). You go, Bank of America, BBVA Compass, and Alliance Data



And of course we made friends with the Whataburger team. Free taquitos.


We enjoyed our morning of serving others, laughing through frozen fingers, and tossing baked beans into bins. We love Dallas. And we love serving the community together as a team of ModoNauts. We’ll be back, NTFB! 


And a happy new year!


How you can help the North Texas Food Bank:



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