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Modo charges a simple monthly price – not per transaction, per payment, or per API call.  

The more checkouts you do each month, the cheaper we get. Just like the rest of your business. Scale matters.

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Pricing FAQ

A vault account is just like a physical bank vault box. We store your sensitive data in your vault account, isolated from anyone else’s.  You’ll need the key that we provide to access your vault account (so don’t lose it!). And you can access it anytime you want. It’s your data.  Card numbers, personal information, bank details, you name it. It all goes in the vault. Just like a physical vault you might need more than 1 vault account to store credentials for different parts of your company, or for different ways you organize your contracts and customers.  Unlike a physical bank vault box, you won’t ever run out of room.

It’s exactly what you call a checkout.  It’s the combination of an order (from you) and a payment (to you).  Everything that happens in the lifetime of that order, payment combination (aka /Checkout) is included.  Validation (including Fraud checks). Included. Authorization and Funding holds. Included. Any number of order completions and payment captures.  Included. (getting feeling it’s all included?) Settlement. Included. Reconciliation. Included. What about chargebacks you say? We say included.  How about refunds you ask? Also, very much and all the time, included.

Some folks like to have something all to themselves.  So, we offer the ability to stand up a dedicated, single tenant version of our platform where only you can get access to it (but it still operates in the cloud).  This is important to our bank clients, and we wanted you to be able to have that option too. You’ll know you need this option if you have to be able to perform your own security audits (typically with your inhouse information security teams) and need to come to our offices to chat with us about them.  Everyone who uses the multi-tenant version of our platform still gets information security audit reports (we’re PCI Level 1, among several other security designations), but those audits are performed by our outside security auditor once per year. You can get those reports anytime, but can’t perform your own audit of that environment.  You can still swing by and say hi, we’d love to see you.

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