How Payments, In Context, Become Events


Each event in life is made up of smaller decisions and actions, all combined in moving parts to make a cohesive whole. Why should payments be any different? ModoPayments is emerging from a self-imposed dark period with the goal of changing the way we talk about payments — and the change should go well beyond semantics, CEO Bruce Parker told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster.

A happening, an organized activity, a memorable incident – these are all classic definitions of the word “event.”

But when we reach back a bit etymology-wise, the Latin translates loosely to “result” – which is suitable, considering an event is actually the result of some set of actions.

We often aren’t worried about the commercial context of a transaction in the complex payments world (and payments rule the world, right?) – in part because processing transactions is hard work, but context matters. Especially when one looks for new ways to unlock value in payments.

Are we too focused on just the transaction, the big moment, or the result? Is it time to take a step back and get some context?

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