Take Control with Modo's Payments Orchestration Platform

Modo is the payments orchestration platform for enterprises. We’re enabling the most complex global companies to move their payments infrastructure to the cloud, reduce their total costs of payments, and regain control of their payments data and money flows.

What can modo do for you?
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Where Modo Brings the Value

Moving to the Cloud

By moving your payments technology to the cloud, businesses receive two main benefits: improved technology and shared connections. Getting payments software to the cloud means reaping all the benefits of modern enhancements and improvements in technology, operating systems, data management, security techniques and management.

Reducing your costs

Modo can reduce your total cost of accepting payments in a variety of ways: reducing the costs and time spent on managing and maintaining connections being one of the more obvious. Modo uniquely reduces costs by enabling you to easily add a variety of payment methods into your payment mix, and by making PSPs compete head-to-head for your business.

Controlling your payments

One of Modo’s greatest advantages is our ability to ensure control remains in your hands. Because we are a technology layer and do not involve ourselves in the money movement, we can remain an unbiased third party that orchestrates your payments between different PSPs. We want you to get the highest value for each transaction in whatever way is best for you.

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Untangle your payment operations

Payment operations create some of merchant’s biggest challenges – leaving a tangled mess of connections to both internal and external systems. Modo’s ability to track payments throughout the entire lifecycle of the transaction and across systems is where our biggest value comes for payments teams. We don’t simply route your transactions and leave the rest up to you. We built our technology starting with the end in mind – settlement, reconciliation, and the things that don’t work quite right the first time.

One view to all your payments

Unified Settlement & Reconciliation

One view of settlement and reconciliation across all payment providers and currency types.

Real-Time Insights

Monitor performance in real time using the performance and notification hub.

Flexible Payment Connections

Access to multiple payment providers and platforms with one click.

Unparalleled payments visibility

Why is it so hard to figure out your true cost of payments? With Modo, our client dashboard offers real time visibility for you to know the total cost of each transaction. And gives you the insights to make payments decisions with confidence. When you understand the total cost of your transactions, control is back in your hands.

True payments flexibility

Modo gives you the flexibility to use multiple payment service providers to optimize for the best rates and reach more customers. Whether you need redundancy in your providers or are trying to accept payments around the globe, Modo has your back. With Modo’s transactional assurance, never lose a good customer again to false declines or provider downtime.

Control your own frictionless payments experience

Do you have a payments capability that is unique to you? Add all of your internal and partner based payment capabilities, like loyalty, financing, and other proprietary payments inside your digital and physical payment experience. Get your own payment stack and orchestrate all of the payment service providers alongside your unique payments requirements. Take back control of your payments, without taking on the burden of data security and compliance, or complex technology development. In the cloud. With Modo.

Want to simplify your payments stack?

Want to control your own payments stack?

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