Modo Goes Country

Howdy, y’all! Modo has officially gone country (and made it back to the city).

A few times each year we gather all of the ModoNauts dispersed throughout the country (and now world) to get together in one location and reconnect on the Modo vision and principles. We call this super #paymentsgeeky gathering “ModoWeek”. The dust has finally settled (literally and figuratively) from our last week together out in the Texas Hill Country.

There’s nothing quite like being hunkered down in a cabin without much access to internet that brings you together as a team. (Seriously, our access to internet was severely limited so apologies for any email delays that week.) Don’t worry, though, we found lots and lots of things for us to do to keep us occupied.One of our favorite activities for the week was learning how to line dance. Us ModoNauts aren’t known for our dancing abilities (unless you’re Bruce listening to music that goes like “unce, unce, unce, unce”) so this was certainly a bonding experience. You can check out the moves here. Constructive criticism is welcome, but nothing too harsh please. We tear up easily.

We also ate our weight for pretty much every meal, but that is to be expected from our weeks together. If you don’t feel like you need to roll out of the room afterwards, did you even eat with a ModoNaut? We got some meals brought in, but we also were able to sample home cooking! (Shoutout to Jason’s eggs and bacon!) But okay, okay it wasn’t all eating and dancing. We had super valuable discussions as a team about Modo’s vision for the future and the capabilities of the COIN for the payments industry. And when I say super valuable, I mean vastly, outstandingly, exceedingly valuable discussions. Be on the lookout for MAJOR changes to how we communicate the COIN and it’s capabilities externally in the coming months.

Our biggest takeaways from the week:

  • We look pretty good in cowboy hats! Those might be sticking around.
  • The Texas sunrise is always worth waking up for.
  • The COIN is super funky cool and can do even greater things for the industry.
  • You can’t ever have too much Lucky Charms.

Getting the whole gang in the same place is always fun, and we can’t wait to all be together again soon. Until next time!


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