Modo FAQs: Questions from Merchants at Shoptalk

Since we are a bunch of #paymentsgeeks, we absolutely loved our time chatting with merchants about payment systems at Shoptalk 2019. As we were “solving payments puzzles” at our booth, we received some great questions from attendees about our tech. We wanted to share our Shoptalk FAQs with you (these answers may help clear up any questions for you too)!



What does Modo do?

With one connection to Modo, merchants get access to the world of payment service providers (PSPs) and alternate payment methods (APMs) around the globe with unified token management and intelligent transaction routing across the network.


Why would I use Modo?

If you already sell internationally, you know the pains of managing multiple integrations to payment service providers. Different regions have specific rules and regulations around data exchange, different currencies they are exchanging, and a different set of local payment methods their consumers want to use. Modo gives you a consolidated, real-time view into your payments stack and allows you to manage and optimize in one location.

If you are looking to begin your international growth, one connection to Modo gives you access to payment methods and payment service providers around the globe in a fraction of the time it would take to you to do individual integrations to each of the providers.  

One of the major differentiators of Modo is we are a multiple processor technology platform. We don’t have a horse in the race for which payment service providers you choose to use and give you the flexibility to connect and route to multiple processors and acquirers through the same platform.


What is Modo connected to?

We currently have around 30 connections to PSPs and APMs and are adding more all the time. If we don’t have a connection to where you want to go, it will only take us about six weeks to get there.


Where does Modo operate?

Modo’s connections reach North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. We are constantly growing our network to cover more and more of the globe.


Where does Modo sit in the flow?

We sit in between you and your PSPs. You make one connection to us, and we connect to all of your PSPs. This means you get one view into your settlement and reconciliation files and are able to get insights into the overall health of your payments.


Is Modo a processor?

No, we are not a processor, but can get you connected to processors around the globe. We are purely a payments technology company, and do not hold, touch, or move money ourselves. This means you would create the business relationships between each of the service providers and payment methods you will be connecting to.


How is Modo different from Adyen?

Adyen is a PSP, and holds, touches, and moves money on behalf of its clients. We are similar to Adyen in that we can get you connected to a host of APMs through one single connection, but we do not process the transactions ourselves and no not charge a per transaction fee. We also do not care which processors and acquirers you use for your transactions. Instead of being tied down to using Adyen, with Modo you can choose the best providers for each transaction.


How much does Modo cost?

Modo is priced on a subscription model. You pay a flat monthly service fee with a small monthly fee per connection to the PSPs and APMs. There is no per-transaction fee regardless of transaction volume or size.


Is Modo the merchant of record?

No, we do not hold, touch, or move money.


Does Modo host a checkout?

Modo has a API that you can connect to, and we also have the option to host your checkout using our Modal feature.


Learn more about Modo by heading to!

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