Trip Down South (by Southwest)

The #paymentsgeeks are now just a little bit more hip from our time at South by Southwest. We ate tacos, checked out concerts, and wore jean jackets basically the entire trip.

Oh yeah, except for the time when we were rocking it at the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Showcase. We got to talk to attendees about the crazy awesome use-cases the COIN® can make possible. It’s all chill though. We played it cool.

Scott, Lindy, and Rob ready to share the magic of the COIN®

We were showcasing in the ‘New Economy’ category along with Funderbeam, Tokken, Clever Kash, and Blinker. And, although we aren’t a consumer application and aren’t in the business of creating user experiences like the other finalists in our category, we put together a demo to highlight the uniqueness of the COIN® and how it seamlessly powers connections for our partners. We took leftover loyalty points from a rewards program, moved them into a PayPal account, and then generated a QR code from the PayPal account to send value to a random participant without knowing any information about them. They were then able to choose how they wanted to receive that value – which in this case was a Starbucks giftcard. At the end of the demo, we asked the onlooker to take a picture of the Starbucks code and use it to buy themselves coffee because the demo really moved money between accounts! They got their next coffee on us.

Scott demonstrating the user experience flows on a Verifone terminal

We also had a demo Verifone terminal at our booth that walked through what consumers would experience when checking out using loyalty points at a Verifone terminal in-store. We loved getting facetime with Verifone as they connected with developers, and showing off the innovations that we’re powering for them. Scott Gamble, our Head of Marketing, spoke with their team about our partnership allowing customers to pay with loyalty points in-store at Verifone terminals.

Always a great time connecting with Verifone. And, of course, we walked away with some cool Verifone swag so we can rock something other than a Modo shirt for at least one day of the week.

Since SXSW attendees aren’t necessarily all #paymentsgeeks like us, we put a little video together to explain what Modo does to them. Give it a watch. It might help you understand what we’re doing, or make you as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles.

You get it now? We’re like that analogy!

Okay, okay, but in all seriousness, SXSW was an amazing experience and we are still in shock that we were chosen as a finalist in the Interactive Innovation awards for our COIN®. Humbled and grateful that we were able to stand up next to the most innovative companies in the payments game and demonstrate that Modo can move value for something as simple as your morning coffee, but can just as easily also be used for incredibly complex global money transfers for the biggest banks in the world. We continue to connect infrastructure which allows for endless applications – applications that will power the new economy and next generation commerce.

We’ll see you again soon, Austin!


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