Modo Announces the Unnouncement

Modo likes announcing announcements, you know.
We announce them on high, we announce them down low.
We announce them with others, we announce them alone
(the latter especially when using “that tone”).

We announce them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
“We’re proud to announce! Will you please have a look?”
We announce about things that have yet to begin.
And when we are done we announce them again.

We announce things that get Payments rockin’ n rollin’
Some funny, some silly, some virtues extollin’.
Some thoughtful, some risky, some ramblings of Bruce
On thingamajiggers or gobbledygooks.

But today is a day unlike any before.
We want to announce that there’s nothing in-store.
No news. No blogs. Not even a thread.
We’ve decided to announce the Unnouncement instead.

The strangest of strange from the un-town of Un.
He’s hard to describe if you’ve never seen one.
He’s quiet and shy unlike most other beasts.
He sits very still, you might think him deceased.

If you ask the Unnouncement what’s happening today
He makes lots of un-sounds. He has nothing to say.
All questions, inquiries, and verbose ruminations
Are met with plain silence. There are no explanations.

But what is the cause of this announcement break?
Well, Payments have become a scattered headache.
We know the complaints. We’ve heard all your woes.
So Modo must focus, and focus real close.

We’re working all day to bring Payments to you.
For banks, networks, processors, unicorns too.
And once we’ve got all of these systems connected,
Our #paymentsgeek-ness will no doubt be perfected.

And so we announce that we’re saying ‘adieu’.
We’re leaving this Unnouncement right here in lieu.
We’re setting off to Make Payments Great Again.
We’ll be back very soon. It’s a matter of when.

When the Unnouncement tires of un-saying a thing,
Un-posting, un-blogging, and un-updating.
When he goes back to Un, it will be safe to say
There’ll be announcements of announcements we announce on that day.


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