PR: Modo and Alliance Data Partner to Deliver Data-Driven Payments Experiences

Las Vegas, Nevada – October 23, 2017 – Modo and Alliance Data’s Columbus, Ohio-based card services business, a premier provider of private label, co-brand and business card programs, today announced they will work together to innovate for the future of data-driven payments experiences. Alliance Data will leverage Modo’s cloud-based payment event service to create Loyalty and Checkout Events that engage consumers while requiring limited technical change for retailers.

Modo securely and fairly conducts the exchange of payment event data across platforms on behalf of banks, payments networks and providers. Modo’s cloud based service enables payment interoperability by allowing clients to simply store, share, and track payment event data. Modo’s service normalizes payment event data across various payment systems, improving integrations, operational efficiencies and speed to market.

“As retail and commerce companies enter this period of change, they must adapt to serve the customer in the channel she prefers, in the device she holds and at the moment she is ready,“ said Sheryl McKenzie, vice president of products and capabilities for Alliance Data’s card services business. “As the customer initiates payment events, together with Modo, we will continue to ensure that brands can surround that event with marketing offers and rewards benefits that deepen the customer’s connection with the brand and simplify the experience of card-based loyalty programs. A simple experience for the customer and ease of implementation for the retailer are our top priorities. “With Modo, we can get there faster, with a level of consistency that allows us to deploy these experiences in an agile manner.”

“We can leverage Modo’s service to seamlessly exchange payment event data across disparate retail systems in store, online and through the mobile channel,” McKenzie stated. “At Alliance Data, we are bringing together the breadth of a large marketing-focused corporation with the agility of a startup partner to accelerate the delivery of innovative payment and loyalty capabilities.”

“Modo’s mission is solving for complexity and friction in the exchange of payment event data to improve interoperability between payment systems globally. Alliance Data is a world-class provider of payment and loyalty experiences that rely on data moving between retail systems, so to expand our great relationship with them further is an extraordinary privilege,” said Modo CEO Bruce Parker. “We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming Alliance Data offerings for both Loyalty and Checkout Events. We’re at the physical/cardiac limit of excitement.”

Modo and Alliance Data are speaking on data-driven retail experiences at Money20/20 US later today, October 23rd, at 11:40AM PT in Titian, The Venetian Level 2. The presentation will conclude with a big surprise.

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