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Loyalty Events

Combine multiple reward or loyalty program from any rewards platform to make a purchase at the point of sale without having to carefully share and manage sensitive identity and payment data (while juggling very different rule-sets and regulations) with many partners. This ability will increase burn rate and profits of loyalty points and create more loyal customers. Modo handles all of the incredible identity management and rewards/loyalty ledger reconciliation problems for you so you can focus on the needs of your customer.

Modo’s Services Include

  • Total secure control over the use of payments event data related to the rewards/loyalty points to purchase
  • Management of the data exchange heavy lifting between all loyalty platform tools and funding sources to guarantee a seamless checkout experience for your customers while giving you 100% confidence that all source ledgers remain in proper balance
  • Seamless settlement even if the purchase gets returned…or “erased” (ask us about this special feature)
  • Native integration with existing payment providers and gateways so that they function as existing
  • Modo integrates with calling system natively and can minimize changes required of this system to accelerate go-to-market time


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