Love Letter to Verifone & FIS (Valentine’s Day Edition)

The “Week of Love” is coming to an end. We really put ourselves out there this week and it feels good. 2017 is all about connecting with our fellow #paymentsgeeks, working together and continuing to drive this industry forward, one integration at a time. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with our latest partners, Verifone & FIS. We are so proud to be powering their pay with loyalty points solution.

Dear Verifone & FIS,

Some people say we’re too young to really know what love is. They say we’re just a startup and that you’re both out of our league with your status as global leaders in payments and financial services. Maybe they’re right, maybe we don’t know what love is. However, we do know loyalty; we’re experts on loyalty. When you whisked us away for a whirlwind adventure to NYC to announce our collaboration at NRF, then and there, under the glowing light of the Javitz Center exhibit hall, we knew we found what we’ve been looking for.

Yeah, it’s not a traditional partnership, but three’s not a crowd in our book. We all know loyalty is the driver of this thing we’ve got going. Loyalty will make this love triangle work. Loyalty is just what we need. Together, the three of us are going to change the points game by empowering each other and of our mutual friends, the shoppers.

We know this is still kind of new, and we hope we don’t come on too strong (we always come on too strong) but we think this thing has real potential. Payments has needed something like this. We’ve needed something like this. Let’s make 2017 our year. The year of loyalty.




We hope your Valentine’s is filled with lots of love from friends and family! And remember, there’s a little payments company in Dallas, Texas who loves you.

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