Love Letter to Klarna (Valentine’s Edition)

Cupid struck again this Valentine’s season! We’ve got the love bug, and we’ve got it bad! Sometimes we’re a little self conscious about sharing our feelings, but we’re compelled by adoration for our partners around the world to pour our hearts out as we commence this “Week of Love.”

This first one’s for you, Klarna.  

Dear Klarna,

It was love at first sight. We couldn’t help but check you out from across the room. You make shopping so simple, and you’re not afraid to take on risk. It’s that Swedish bad boy thing, along with your love for commerce that made us fall so hard.  

On top of that you always show up for us. In Copenhagen, we made it official at Money20/20 Europe. And that trip to Vegas for the US event, we’ve never been more proud that we’re together. Thanks for letting us show you off in front of all our American friends. They all said they loved your accent. Typical.

We know there are other partners out there, but you always make us feel special, like we’re the only one in the world. Modo and Klarna, Klarna and Modo. We see a bright future and we can’t wait to take on the world (of e-commerce) together, one integration at a time.




We hope your Valentine’s is filled with lots of love from friends and family! And remember, there’s a little payments company in Dallas, Texas who loves you.


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