Love Letter to Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Valentine’s Edition)

We are proud to be involved with such great companies. Our one true joy in life is enabling our fellow #paymentsgeeks to innovate, and we have been given the opportunity to power payments innovations over and over again.  

Next up on our “Week of Love” shoutouts is Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It wouldn’t be a true Modo client “Week of Love” without a love letter to our favorite bank.

Dear Bank of America Merrill Lynch,

You put the BAM in BAML. We’re still in awe that you actually like us. We’re the luckiest startup in the world and can’t believe you chose Modo.

You’re so focused and passionate about helping us be the best #paymentsgeeks we can be. Your commitment to us really defines you. You make us feel like a priority and we’ve never trusted anyone like this before. How much you care (about payments) just pours out of you. You’re all payments all the time, and that’s hot. You immerse yourself in the community and get things done! The Digital Disbursements platform is going to change the world, and we’re through the roof that you picked us to help you.   

We love you! There we said it. It’s out there. You don’t have to say it back, but we’re in this for the long haul and you can take that to the bank.




We hope your Valentine’s is filled with lots of love from friends and family! And remember, there’s a little payments company in Dallas, Texas who loves you.

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