Hack your way to Vegas and $125k

Are you a developer that loves to hack? Are you a hacker that loves to develop? Or perhaps you prefer to be called a coder? Maybe chief systems overlord is more your style? (in which case your name is probably Aaron). We won’t judge . . . much. We are way too busy coming up with dreamy prizes for you, when you hack your way toward world domination through the cunning use of Modo for CONNECTING COMMERCE.

So here is the totally awesome deal… we are looking to sponsor 12 teams to attend the Money 2020 hackathon at the Venetian in Las Vegas from the 24th to the 25th of October 2015. We will award you $500 toward your hotel and flights, plus your chance to compete for $125k worth of total prize money. This is in addition to the stipend from the Money2020 organizers. It’s Vegas baby, Vegas all the way!!

All you have to do is to submit your idea on how to demonstrate CONNECTING COMMERCE by connecting customers, channels and currencies in a way that generates real economic value.  Surprise us with a new concept or new digital experience, and we’ll surprise you with some connecting of our own! The top 12 team ideas will be chosen. (You can be a team of one, BTW. One of last year’s winners was a singleton). Oh yeah, and you need to register for the Hackathon and build a kick@$$ FinTech application using Modo’s handcrafted API and/or artisanal SDK for the competition.

What kind of awesome is CONNECTING COMMERCE, you ask? Well, here at Modo, we’ve built a new transaction platform for connecting existing payments systems to each other, and to new digital experiences. Our platform enables connections between customers, currencies and channels to become conversational, digital and engaging. Use it online. Use it in-store. Build it into an app, or device, or a site. Just get CONNECTING!

Here’s a little more about Modo to get your creative juices flowing… ModoPayments has lovingly created an open handcrafted API that allows developers to create connected commerce experiences of their own. Here is a (real life) example: imagine you are a bank and you want your customers to get the best value for their loyalty points. Using Modo, the bank can offer customers both a mobile app and online experience where they take their hard earned loyalty points, turn that into a dollar amount, and maybe combine that with savings and a gift card to buy something online, or in a shop, or to send a gift to someone else. The bank can then reward the customer for that transaction and the loop continues.

Modo takes care of connecting all the monetary sources, such as cards, accounts, and currencies and then converting that value that into a one-time use digital card or any other form of currency destination like PayPal, for example.  In other words we can connect and combine any source of value (bank accounts, credit cards, gift cards, offers, rewards, loyalty programs) and then spit them out the other side as just about any form of currency (card, account, value …). And who doesn’t like something that spits? Especially if it can also play professional baseball. (DISCLAIMER: Neither Modo, nor Modo’s platform is certified for use in playing professional baseball. Nor do we have the express written consent to mention professional baseball. But a casual game amongst friends is fine.)

Yeah, we know that’s some pretty fancy payments stuff, but we don’t want you to get hung up on that part- we’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you. We want you to think of ways those connections can create new, exciting and sparkly commerce opportunities customers will love. Sparkly is optional. Our head of marketing loves unicorns, rainbows and things that sparkle. The rest of us are still “undecided”.

What does CONNECTING COMMERCE look like to you?

So when you have come up with your idea- send it to kelley@modopayments.com. The deadline for entrants is September 30th, 2015.   We will notify winners by October 5th, 2015. This is an open book quiz, so feel free to ask us whether or not your idea rocks (or <ahem> . . . sucks) ahead of time. We’ll be honest with you. Promise. Unless we also happen to also be your mother. In which case, you MUST take your shoes off when you come in the house. We’re not going to tell you again. Speaking of which, OUR mothers want you to read the following:

For complete contest rules, terms and conditions see https://latest.newmodo.wpengine.com/hackathon-rules/. For more information on and to register for the Money 2020 Hackathon visit http://www.money2020.com/#hackathon_anchor

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