Fridays with Fintechs: What Have I Done?

By Bruce Parker

No seriously. What have I done?! I’ve fallen for payments, and now I can’t get up. I spend all day every day pondering how payments ought to be, and how a startup focused on payments ought to be. All the little and big things that are the state of our industry, and what a difference making a difference could make. Out of that passion for change, Modo was born.

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The team at Modo believes we can make a difference by making payments fractionally better. Really, we only strive to be fractionally better. No overachievers here, just paymentsgeeks who did the math.

Payments are at the center of how everything actually works. The inefficiencies in and between payments systems means that money that would otherwise address needs like providing for people going without potable water and without food, will actually never be used to help those people and give them a chance to leave their current living conditions. But the answer to this poverty is not throwing more money at the problem.

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