Declaration of Rights and Payments Grievances

By Rachelle Ondiege, Modo Developer

Hello. Rachelle here, certified payments geek. I have the shirt to prove it.


Just because I am a payments geek doesn’t mean I don’t have payments problems. Just because I am busy working away with this fantastic team making beautiful payment experiences does not mean that the world wants to accept these beautiful payment experiences. I am living proof we need a payments revolution. Let me begin one of my heart-wrenching, tear-jerking tales (yes… that is taleS, with an S) about unbeautiful payment experiences.

This story is about a secret. A secret that you MUST promise not to disclose to anyone at Modo. If you read this line then you are SWORN to secrecy. If they found out, I don’t think I could ever face them again. The mocking would be relentless. I am practically hyperventilating just thinking about it.

Okay. Here it is.


Yes. That is mine. My wallet. Through the years I have gone through so many that just don’t work, I am now stuck with a handy dandy ziplock bag. At least it is cruelty free (well, as long as nothing tries to eat it). It is crazy to think that I, the Connector Queen of Modo, finds this to be the most beautiful buying experience for my daily transactions. A true sign that changes in payments are needed.

Now, you maybe saying, “Why does she find this solution to be the most ideal?”. To start off, whenever I leave the house I head out with this 18 month old chubster, and his proportionally larger older brother.


(In case you have always been wondering what the 98th percentile looks like, you now know.)

If I have to carry this mammoth of a little man, how in the world I am supposed to carry a purse? One might say to this, “Why does this eliminate you from using a “real” wallet”.  Many reasons, my friends, many reasons. Now it is time for you to meet Exhibit A.


I have a hard enough time putting my phone in there let alone a “real” wallet.

“Okay, okay, use a smaller wallet then” a good friend might implore. To which I would kindly remind them that I shop at Costco and live in Massachusetts. To which this kind friend would give me a blank stare of confusion. Allow me to explain. You see, to shop at Costco you need at least two different cards – your membership card and a debit card – you also need to carry a credit card around if you want to rack up reward points. (If I were truly talking to a good friend at this point in the conversation I would give a shout-out to Citi’s Thank You Card for giving me my amazing Blendtec for exactly $free$!)

So, let’s count how many things are already in my wallet: three four payments cards… Oops I forgot to tell you about my FSA card. Also, I have a driver’s license. So, five cards total. Not too shabby, those could totally fit in a small pant-friendly wallet.

Sounds like it is about time for us to start talking about the issues of being a Massachusetts resident. Three words: Tolls and Parking. Fact: My welcome gift to moving to Massachusetts was $80 in toll tickets for not having CASH to pay the toll worker. Two weeks after that, I paid $20 to park at Boston Common for one hour because I did not have COINS to put in the machine that metered the cheap parking. Boston is most certainly welcoming to newbies. Now you see why I always carry a handful of coins and cash.

How in the world are you supposed to fit all this junk in a pocket friendly wallet and still be able to sit down!?! I’ll tell you! You can’t. Get a ziplock bag and you will never have a problem again.

Oh wait! Shoot!


Well…. You will almost never have a problem again.

Here is to a #paymentsrevolution. I need more #beautifulbuyingexperiences. For the sake of all of us, #usetheCOIN. Until the rest of the world catches up, can someone please send me a stronger ziplock bag?