Break Away from Legacy Tech & Upgrade with Modo

Are your payments systems LOCKED by Cybersource?

First generation gateways like Cybersource use invasive integration models that require you to adapt to their internal processes, workflows, and customer channels that can make you feel LOCKED IN to using their tech (however outdated it might be). When you’re locked in, you miss out on opportunities to improve conversion rates, reduce payment costs, and retain control over your payment operations.

unlock payments

Modo is here to UNLOCK your payment operations​

Modo is the payments orchestration platform for large-scale enterprises that allows you to regain control over your customer experiences and payment cost. We use payments orchestration to securely give you the connections you need when you need them and allow you to get back in the driver’s seat of your payment operations.


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Invasive integration limits control over customer experience and payments operations
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Orchestration delivers control of your payment flows, payment data, and customer experience

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Wants to be your sole provider for payments, fraud, and value added services
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Allows for seamless integration with existing PSP as well as new best-of-breed providers

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Your internal systems must conform to Cybersource processes and their limitations
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You can build your internal systems in the way that makes the most sense for your business

Customer Experience
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Limits your ability to innovate and differentiate your customer experience
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Drives conversion by tailoring checkout to your geographies and company brand using Modo’s Modal

The Reality

The Cybersource model for integration is dated, lacks flexibility, and impacts
your ability to deliver a differentiated customer experience in all channels.

What can you do to begin unlocking payments value right now?

Modo can help you unlock some of the key missing values without having to wait for a full migration off Cybersource. Modo has developed a flexible, easy-to-use payments orchestration platform with an externally facing checkout widget called Modal that can be implemented securely on your checkout page.

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Modo’s Modal Hosted Fields

Modal Hosted Form

Modal Key Features

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Flexible Implementation Models

  • Implemented as a widget on a page vs a complete page
  • Implemented as secure fields
  • Seamlessly fits into your customer experience
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Payment Method Support 

  • Single Modal can support all payment types and be optimized by channel
  • Support for payment types beyond card & ACH
  • Support for secure entry of split tenders
  • Easily add additional payment types
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Control Over Customer Experience

  • Gives you full control over look and feel of the checkout process 
  • Allows for easy updates as user experience evolves

Start seeing the value payments orchestration can bring by implementing Modo’s Modal today!

Step 1

Assessment of your current payment operations

Step 2

Identify areas to optimize with orchestration

Step 3

Implement Modal & unlock payments value

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