Orchestrate your digital and physical Checkouts with any combination of payments through a single API

Modo’s OpenAPI 3 API delivers interoperability across payment methods, including split tender, installments, scheduled payments with any payment service provider you choose. Securely vault all of the payment, order and session information you need to run your business, Modo maintains the security and compliance.

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Embedded customizable payment choice form for your business needs

Modo's embedded payment choice allows you to support the payment methods your customers want without upsetting your checkout experience. We capture the payment information and allow you to focus on delivering excellent customer experiences.

Checkout COIN®

Orchestrate your Checkouts across payment methods and payment services​

Modo’s Checkout COIN® performs real time accounting for any payment method using any payment service to ensure you get paid for what you sell. Seamlessly handle the differences between payment methods, and optimize the payment service provider for every payment.


Access leading digital and physical payments services & methods of all kinds

With one connection to Modo, you can connect to a variety of payment services including your own proprietary forms of payment. Modo maintains Connectors to the payment service providers as they upgrade and enhance their services for you, so you don’t have to.

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The window into all of your payment operations

Modo’s portal allows you to have a unified view into your payment stack, both the money flows and the data flows. Check on the health of your payments, determine what fees you're paying, plan routes between payment service providers, and much much more in Modo’s client portal.

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Hyper-compliant token vault using industry leading technology

Offload your PCI scope and PII, and any other data security concerns with Modo's bank-grade secure vault. By tokenizing everything, Modo ensures your data is safe and secure, but you stay in control. We take care of all of the compliance acronyms.

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