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One connection to the world of payments providers.

With one connection to Modo, you are given the flexibility to connect to multiple processors at the same time, and get access to a plethora of payment methods that are most relevant in the regions you are selling. Where do you want to go? Modo can get you there without creating a mess in the back office.

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Create customers for life with “soft decline” authentication routing

Never lose a good customer again due to false declines. Modo will route transactions to multiple processors to ensure your customers don’t get turned away at checkout.

Access to payment providers and platforms around the globe with one click

The world of payments providers is at your fingertips. If Modo doesn’t already have the connection to the provider you want, we can quickly and easily build it. (We’re talking weeks, not months)

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Monitor performance in real time using the performance and notification hub

Turn raw data into actionable insights with Modo’s dashboard that gives you one view into your payments stack. With a quick check, you can tell what’s going on in your systems.

One view of exception, disputes, and fraud across all payment providers in the stack

All of your payments operations can be managed through Modo’s dashboard. Want to turn on a new provider? Done. Want to see your exceptions, disputes, and fraud across all payments providers? No problem.

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Hosted checkout experience presented by Modo within your user experience

We offer a lightbox to host any of the payment methods you want to offer. We aren’t taking over your entire checkout, but are focused on making your payments experience better.

Choose from multiple processors to route to based on factors like price and likelihood of transaction acceptance

Modo connects you to multiple processors so you can create business rules and decisioning around which processor to use on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Save money by least-cost routing.

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Have one unified view of settlement and reconciliation across all payment providers and currency types

No more mountains of settlement files. You can choose to get all of your settlement files in one report regardless of which processors or payment methods you used. Ditto for reconciliation files.

Open API, recurring, subscription, installment and one-time transaction support

We can handle any type of transaction. You want to integrate to our Open API? Let’s do it. You take payments in installments? No problem.

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Hyper-compliant token vault using industry leading technology

We don’t charge you to move from one processor to the next – you own your data. All of the tokens are kept safe in our vault which is protected with bank-grade security.

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