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Customers are interested in using all their assets to make purchases both in-store and digitally. Those assets include the traditional sources like deposits at their bank, lines of credit (via credit cards) and cash. They now increasingly include loyalty/reward points, gift cards, and coupon/discount incentives. Modo provides acquirers, processors or payment providers with a solution to combine multiple payment tools (cards, ewallets, transactional lending) and funding sources (loyalty points, gift cards, vouchers) into one seamless checkout experience that reduces the friction such a scenario currently presents the consumer.

Modo’s Services Include

  • Secure control over the use of payments data (which includes sensitive identity and payments data) and makes sure it only gets used in the way you want and intended using Lightbox
  • Management of the data exchange heavy lifting between all payment tools and funding sources to guarantee a seamless checkout experience for your customers while giving you 100% confidence that all source ledgers remain in proper balance
  • Seamless settlement even if the purchase gets reversed (due to a return item or similar scenario)
  • Native integration with existing payment providers and gateways so that they function as existing
  • Modo integrates with calling system natively and can minimize changes required of this system to accelerate go-to-market time


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