Celent Report

Addressing the Cards Legacy Challeng

Celent Report Cover
Cards remain the backbone of commerce and payments, yet many systems powering cards processing at financial institutions are decades old and struggle to cope with the demands of the digital age. How are the issuers, acquirers, and processors dealing with the legacy challenge?

Are you working with legacy financial systems?

We know the pain. Sign up now to view the Celent Report (requires a PDF compatible browser or PDF viewer) and learn about the Top Ten approaches for addressing the card legacy challenge. We have a special fondness for Approach #10 – Seeking Interoperability.

Modo’s payments utility creates interoperability without requiring any changes to the involved systems. And our tech makes sure you’re always in good funds. No need to worry about payments integration after integration!

We’re working with Bank of America, Mastercard, FIS, Alliance Data, Verifone, Klarna, and others to create interoperability throughout the industry. We’d love to chat about your financial technology needs.