Data flows. Without the rapids.

Most businesses who attempt to develop a payments system come across a common roadblock: the new system doesn’t communicate very well with their existing business system or their customers’ systems, creating a lot of turbulence. Modo’s API unifies the data moving between these systems so tracking and management become seamless.

Unleash your inner control freak.

Modo gives you complete end-to-end payments control from creation to reconciliation and all points in between. That means you have unprecedented knowledge of where the money started, where it is, and where it’s going, throughout the entire lifecycle of the payment.

Configurations. Not codebases.

Modo’s Payments Orchestration platform gives you an unprecedented ability to easily understand and manage your payments system. You can use that knowledge to instantly customize your payments solution in a way that is specific to your needs, with little to no coding: If you need a connector, Modo makes it easy and fast to create your own. If you want flexibility to structure your payments stack to fit your needs, Modo makes it easy to manage each point of the payment lifecycle. You truly own your payments.