Modo is a cloud-native SaaS platform that sits at the heart of your payments ecosystem, creating connectivity and control while improving speed and stability.






Connect your payments and data systems internally and expand your payment technology externally.

Reduce costs with modernized and optimized payment flows while reducing overhead.

Control specifically where and when a business sends its payments volumes to maximize acceptance and margins.


  • With processors, payments types and PSPs
  • With client internal business systems
  • With the systems of a client’s customers
Effortlessly connecting legacy payments technology stacks with emerging technologies on the enterprise’s timeline.


  • Over how a payment is routed and to which payment partners
  • Over proprietary payment propositions
  • Over proprietary data and analytics
  • Over personalized customer payment experiences
Controlling where and when a business sends its payments volumes to a specific endpoint to maximize acceptance and margins.


  • With increased sales from better checkout experiences
  • With reduced cost optimizing payment routing and type
  • With reduced costs of internal complexity, operations, and reconciliation

Modernizing and optimizing payment flows while reducing overhead to instantly create a cost benefit.

While gateways solely connect their customers to external payments providers, Modo gives global enterprise sellers the capability to configure and manage their commerce propositions, money, and data flows, provider relationships, and their clients’ payments experiences.

All to drive increased revenue and take cost out of both transactions and internal operations.

Don’t gateway. /Checkout.​

/Checkout is the Payments Orchestration platform for checkouts, online and in-person. Modo lets you easily and instantly connect to payments systems the way you want – not the “one size fits all” approach.

Whether you are dealing with older, proprietary business systems or newer, open payment services, your experience will be seamless and bespoke.

Not Just Payments Facilitators. Payments Inventors.​​

Modo’s Payments Orchestration is a completely unique technology that sets the standard for Payments Orchestration. [something here about reconciliation, settlement]

Configurations. Not codebases.​

Gateways require layers and layers of code to customize your payments stack. More connections = more code. 

We love code almost as much as we love payments. We’ve come to accept that. But we understand that not everybody else does, which is why we created /Checkout.

/Checkout joins your system with your preferred payments technology in a way that is almost magically code-free. No new lines of code are created or deleted when you decide how and when to send or receive payments.

By Payments Experts. For Payments Experts Everyone.

Modo was founded in 2010 with the singular focus of making payments technology easy to access and manage for businesses and their customers – what we now call Payments Orchestration. As payment fads come and go, the need for accessibility, simplicity, and security grows ever greater, but the ability to keep up with that growth requires specialized skills.

So Modo created /Checkout – a way for businesses to offload the complexities of maintaining a payments stack in a way that is configurable to your specific needs.

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